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What's this all about ?

ZazouMiniWebServer is a web server for windows. It supports php (v4 or v5). It supports a lot of other languages (asp, perl, tcl, rebol, python, ruby, ...) as well , by declaring "handlers" in the configuration file. It also creates logs which can be used by webalizer, awstats, webdruid ... Moreover it doesn't need to be installed and so, keeps tour PC clean !

Use it on CD : You can carry on your dynamic website on a CD along with his webserver (with php4/php5/MySQL/SQLite).

Build an Intranet server : You can use ZMWS to rapidly build your intranet's webserver.

Use it as a development, testing server : Develop eand test your website on ZMWS before uploading it, so your website is always up and running.

Instant File Server : If you're chatting with a friend and want to send him/her a file, just copy ZazouMiniWebServer.exe to the file's folder and run it, your friend will easily access it by browsing ( being your ip).


Quick Install

  1. Download ZazouMiniWebServer.exe.
  2. Double clic it !
  3. That's all, your webserver is up and running
  4. Try to connect it by browsing http://localhost/

Downloads (Free, GPL License)

Only the webserver.
ZMWS with MySQL-4.0 (ZazouMiniWebServer / php5 / Mysql4.0 / phpMyAdmin / SQLiteManager / Webalizer) with MySQL-4.0 and php_mysql activated. All your scripts will work with this one (just consider register_globals is Off).
ZMWS with MySQL-5.0 (ZazouMiniWebServer / php5 / Mysql5.0 / phpMyAdmin / SQLiteManager / Webalizer) with MySQL-5.0 and php_mysqli activated. Some (Nearly all) of your old scripts won't work with this MySQL version.
ZazouMiniWebServer Folder (sources, exes, utils and misc).



Author : Xavier GARREAU Last translated by : Xavier GARREAU
Last update 14.03.2008